Photographer who performed photo assignments since 1988.

I am a photographer who is ambitious, dedicated, committed, responsive, honest, social, thorough and curious. Adjectives that my customers and colleagues used when they described me.

I have been interested in photography since the teens, but it was only in the late 80's that I accidentally realized that I could work as a photographer. In 1988, I registered my company and have since worked with photography and film production.

I call myself an all-round photographer because I have not nicknamed me, such as a press photographer or commercial photographer. My photo assignments usually consist of portraits, product photography or event documentation.

Most of the assignments take place in Stockholm, but sometimes it will be both Sweden and the world. I photograph people, products, events, environments and genres, for businesses, associations and municipalities.

If I am not booked elsewhere, I can take a short notice. Knowing exactly what you want when ordering the assignment is done at a fixed price. The price usually includes generous use rights.

I have my own studio in central Stockholm, suitable for 1-4 people and product photography of smaller products (armchair and smaller). If necessary, I rent myself into larger studios.